I write the words that plague my dreams. And dream up words that haunt my days. I’m figuring out my meaning in life and I can’t promise you the words I write will be anything other than they are: partly fiction and partly everything I’ve ever wanted to say. Rising Sophomore at BU I write to keep me sane.
"After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music."
-Aldous Huxley

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Not that it matters now

It took five years but
I finally figured out
The taste on your lips

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I’m scared you’ll leave like
The rest of them so I won’t
Hold you as close now.

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I can see the future

I just want to remember the moment your legs wrapped around me
In our little bubble
Our movements synchronized
I finally understand all those words I read
But they could never describe the moment we connect
Heart in my throat chocked up
Not sure how to do this but you guide me there
And there
Panic dissipates
I could see us like this

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Wicked Ways

Get out of my head
I don’t need a reminder
Of the things I lost

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From Time To Time

I don’t think about
You the way I use to but
You still cross my mind

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Of the physical kind

They never said this
Hunger would be so intense
Please help me sate it.

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With you I knew

It doesn’t matter
Where we stand now you’ll always
Be special to me

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logic III

If I never walk
Out this door I can pretend
I’m alone by choice.

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logic II

If I never say
What I feel I can pretend
That you feel it too.

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If I don’t try then
I can’t be disappointed
When I fail again.

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