I write the words that plague my dreams. And dream up words that haunt my days. I’m figuring out my meaning in life and I can’t promise you the words I write will be anything other than they are: partly fiction and partly everything I’ve ever wanted to say. Rising Sophomore at BU I write to keep me sane.
"After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music."
-Aldous Huxley

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We always fit

It’s just our bodies
Pressed together…so why does
It feel like heaven?

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I think I have

Smiley faces and
Cute goodbyes I told myself
I wouldn’t fall but…

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So need doesn’t slip

I don’t know what I’m doing
Waiting for you to find me again
It’s like before we met
When you were never there
Because that spot in my heart I reserved for you is gone
But it hasn’t been filled
And I’m not sure it ever can be.
You know I could wait for forever
But please don’t make me

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​how I’d like to italicize you

I just need a warm
Body under me…fuck I
Just need you right now

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4:11 am

I got caught up in
My thoughts again and forgot
That time existed.

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I want to be the midnight words
You mouth to yourself in the dark

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You were an idea that faltered

I still have the scars you etched into me
You took a pen to my skin and let it bleed
You carved happiness in so deep
Even my heart picked up speed
I never expected you to leave
But you slowly disappeared like the marks you left upon my flesh
I still trace the ghostly outlines of how it felt
Loving you.

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Pretty sure I bombed my first interview. I kind of want to cry and I kind of want to care more. Eh whatever.

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drowning draft #2

I grasped at waves like they were solid ground
I slipped right under; never made a sound
My hunger for relief grew intense
My will to keep fighting left
This disease flowed right through my veins
This hopelessness, hopeless became my new name
Silence surrounded me
And blue became my home
My flesh clung to me heavy
My racing heart and panicked throat; my last words a mere groan
I melted into the ocean floor
Became the dirt and nothing more.

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Arms like wood

*Our design was to oversleep on a worn out lullaby
You left while I dreamed of breathing pleasures morning sighs
You stayed on my mind visiting my now haunted reverie
Sleep had once been my escape from reality
I’m not sure if I’m going insane
But closing my eyes all I see is this pain
And your face, just a vision in my head
I was foolish to believe we would never end
What’s worse is now I’m sleeping through my days
Taking pills so it’ll stick, anything to be close again
Taking pills so it’ll stick, I’m not sure I want to wake up
Taking pills so it’ll stick, it’s to fitting to disrupt
Fiction from a distant time
I made you up inside my mind.

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